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Question type

These are the question types available in the Flow system:

Free text

Shows the user a text box on the device to fill in the answer, with no specific format. Text can be letters, numbers and symbols, and appears in the data views and reports exactly as it was typed into the device.


Create a set of preset options for the device user to select from on the device when answering the question. Option questions can be single answer or multiple answers. The survey author can elect to allow ‘other’ responses, which on the device presents a free text field for entering any other response outside the preset options. Option questions will have frequency analysis performed on them in data analysis.


A cascade question uses a user-defined hierarchy of options in order to display multiple dropdowns on the device. Determining a location is a good example: in a first dropdown question you choose the region, and then in the next dropdown, you can choose from the districts in that region, and so on. The user selects a pre-created cascade from the ‘Choose cascade resource’ dropdown menu.


allows only numbers to be typed into the answer entry field on the device. Number questions will have basic statistical analysis performed on them in data analysis.


Uses the device’s GPS to automatically fill in latitude, longitude and elevation. Click the Check Geo Location button to fill in these questions on the device.

Photo and Video

Presents the option to take a photo or video as part of the survey. Click the Take Photo or Take Video buttons on the device to access the device camera.


Presents a date picker on the device for the device user to select a date.


With the Barcode question you can scan a barcode or a QR code as part of your Flow form. Install a scanner app on your device and Flow will connect to it once you reach the question in the Flow app.

Geographic shape

Allows the user to define points, lines or areas on a map. This can for example be used to capture geographic features of interest such a group of water taps, walking paths, farmer plots, or protected woodland areas.


With this question you can add a signature field to your form, which holds both the signature and the name of the signatory. For more information check the guide of how to use signatures of Akvo Flow

Akvo Caddisfly

Akvo Caddisfly enables you to add a water quality test to your Flow survey. You can choose from a list of parameters that you want to measure. For more information check the guides on what Akvo Caddisfly is and how to use it as part of your Flow survey.

Some question types also offer additional settings to fill out, which change the behaviour of the question on the device. These are explained in more detail for each individual question type.